I married my soulmate!

If you’ve noticed a name change on my site, that’s because on September 17th, 2023, I married my soulmate. Tillman and I were introduced by dear friends last fall, and we knew from our very first date that the connection we had was something truly special.

Before we ever met, we had both placed intent toward becoming the kind of partners that would find fulfilment in serving the interests of a loving mate. When you put two givers together, both get everything they need! We wasted no time in starting a life together, which included becoming wed. Since our main focus was on being married, and not on the wedding itself, we went with a simple and stress-free approach by choosing the services of Elope BC.

Being rather spontaneous people, we loved the idea that we would know nothing about our venue except the location, or our flowers, before the day of our wedding. We left all preparations in the skilful hands of Sue Cairnie, our officiant and owner of Elope BC.

On the day of our wedding, we drove to a ranch near Big White, and discovered a beautiful arbor with chairs and benches arranged in front of a beautiful body of water, surrounded by trees. Everything was perfect, including her choice of musician, photographer and videographer.

We had a simple, personalised ceremony, thanks to her preparatory questionnaire, and our personally written vows, in front of an intimate gathering of friends and family. The early morning glow cast a beautiful light on the proceedings. By midmorning, we were married and looking forward to a delicious wedding luncheon at Roma Nord Bistro, followed by a gathering afterward at the home of our cupids!

Tillman has been the inspiration for my YouTube podcast on Sacred Relationships. In my work as a psychic coach, I often support individuals and couples striving to have loving and deeply connected relationships. Please let me know if I can be of help, whether you are looking for love, or seeking to deepen the love you have.

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