It’s always an interesting process to work with cards, dice or any divinatory tool. It’s important to begin by placing your mind in a neutral stance. For example, I would have loved to have given a reading for the year ahead that was full of hope and happiness, but I give the best readings when I keep my mind open to whatever occurs.

With the Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice, a wonderful Kickstarter that has concluded now (but look for other great offerings by this talented artist and collaborator – such as the Alleyman’s tarot), I find it incredibly intriguing in how it works. For example, when I cast it during a Mercury retrograde, the Fate dice had me place the dice with the symbol for Mercury at the Core of the mat, which is where the dice that rules the current situation goes.

This time, the Fate dice had me place the Anchor at the centre, which tells the reader to view each quadrant of the mat as a season (very apt for a reading for the year ahead).

Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice and Mat – January Year Ahead Forecast

It’s also unusual to see the die form a line! When the die are dropped, we think the display will be random, but I’m always surprised by how the pattern relates to the current situation. Sometimes, quite a few scatter off of the mat (they aren’t included in the reading).

The white dice on the left is the Fate dice that indicated that the dice closest to it be placed at the core. The dice to the right of the mat indicates isolation, which is also apt for our current situation, but is not counted as part of the reading, since it didn’t land on the mat.

I hope you’ll view the challenges of the year ahead as an opportunity to consider what changes you need to make in your life that you might not address if life were easier. We don’t get to be complacent in 2022!

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