Death & Beyond: Navigating the Afterlife with the Dying

During her conversations with the terminally ill, Bonita has discovered that not only can she help them and their loved ones come to terms with their imminent passing, but she’s also had opportunity to support their view of the afterlife, creating an active discussion that facilitates comfort with the dying process.

Clients often want to have such a conversation, even if they haven’t done so before. These conversations can create a sense of continuity that eases the anxiety of transitioning and helps them to surrender gently into an expanded state of consciousness prior to, and at death.

In this workshop, we will address ways to enter into this conversation with open-ended questions that can create space for a variety of topics, such as the agnostic viewpoint of energy as consciousness, Christian views on the afterlife, Buddhist concepts, and reincarnation.

You will be introduced to the Phowa practice, a common exercise used by Tibetan Buddhists to prepare the mind for leaving the body and entering into communion with the divine, in whatever form resonates for the practitioner. Not only can this be taught to your clients, but it is a worthwhile practice for all of us, to enhance our comfort with our own mortality, and make us more mindful in the present, knowing we are merely souls in bodies on a journey to expanded awareness.

This event is sponsored by the Death Doula Network of British Columbia.

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