Befriending Illness

“Fight the good fight!” This is what we hear when we are diagnosed with a serious illness. Yet, it somehow rang wrong for me when I was told this summer that I have a rare condition known as sarcoidosis. I wanted instead to get along with my body, and to see it as an ally. I began to explore this new dimension to my spiritual path, to see what our bodies can teach us and how changes in our physical wellbeing can enhance our spiritual growth.

In this experiential workshop, we will explore ways to view our physicality not as something to be controlled, but as an ongoing process of change meant to offer us guidance and spiritual awakening. We will shift the focus on appearance to discovering how the intelligence of the physical body is an essential contributor to expanding our consciousness.

We will discover how our bodies are designed to trigger spiritual awakening by expressing our thoughts and emotions through physical manifestation — and how we can use illness as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of our nature and our relationship with the universe.

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