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My Digital Oracle Deck

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LOVE LOVE LOVE this deck my friend has designed. Every day is very relevant to me. I go into these cards every morning to start my day!
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My Book

I’m proud to be an author in this collaboration on empowerment.

Come join us

The whole planet is in the process of awakening. We can struggle on our own, or we can make the journey together!


In this first of my new podcast series, On Being Psychic, I describe what it was like to grow up psychic, what being psychic means to me, and how you can support your children through their experiences.


Here is your forecast for July, using the Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice set.

There are some challenges this month that are absolutely necessary to our growth!


I’m back on the road, travelling to communities near and far to bring my psychic readings and chakra readings to your area! Click below to find a show near you.

jb owen
Bonita was so amazing in our session and really gave me the most honest and divine clarity.
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